Professional maintenance,

repair and tuning

Superior knowledge for superior cars


Lotus maintenance & (accident-) repair

You can't compare a Lotus with a "normal" car, and this is why you also need special knowledge to properly maintain and repair a Lotus. We are working on this cars for more than 20 years and are happy to have gained lots of experience and superior knowledge regarding Lotus cars. We know all the quirks and features of almost every Lotus-model/variant - this is why your precious vehicle is in the best hands when you trust our team.

We can assist you in every kind of maintainance, engine- gearbox- and accident repair of your car and even were able to save some cars that seemed to be a total loss on a first view.


Lotus upgrades

Lotus Upper Austria is part of JUBU Performance, a fully equipped vehicle development company. As stated above, we are working for more than 20 years on British lightweight sportscars and know all the limitations and potential weakspots, but also all the potential of Lotus cars. This is why we have developed lots of upgrade products/components for Elise, Exige, Evora and Emira over the past years. Depending on your preferences, we will find the right solution to make your Lotus faster, stronger, safer, more reliable, more individual and so on.


Please find all our upgrade-solutions (from a better floor mat to a major power upgrade) at our website 


„At our place, your Lotus is in best hands. We work with experience and passion - like your car would be our personal car."

(Rene Rosinger, Head of workshop)