ELETRE Type 132

secs 0-100 KMH


The all-new and all-electric Lotus Eletre is a striking and progressive Hyper SUV. It takes the core principles and Lotus DNA from almost 75 years of sports car design and engineering, evolving them into a desirable all-new lifestyle car.


ELETRE offers a totally new style of luxury and comfort like you have never seen before in a Lotus


Re-fibre textile: The Re-Fibre interior option is crafted from repurposed fashion industry textiles, offering a new vision of sustainable luxury.

Nappa leather: Soft, supportive and stylish. The Nappa Leather interior is as premium as it is practical.

Endlessly adjustible: 20-way adjustable seats remembering driver and passenger preferences. Smart heating and massage modes keep occupants refreshed and energised.

Configurable ambient lighting: Inside the cabin, intelligent lighting reacts to the driving mode, variations in climate, app connectivity, and battery levels.

Intelligent glass roof: The panoramic sunroof enhances the feeling of spaciousness, with configurable dimming for additional shade and privacy.

KEF high fidelity sound: The 23-speaker, 2160W soundsystem is engineered by KEF for a truly immersive in-car audio experience.

Tactile control: Jewellery-grade stainless steel and plasticised metals ensure that every control element is luxuriously durable. The carbon fibre panels are crafted with a unique sateen weave construction, maintaining a sporty yet refined visual profile.

Revolutionary design & advanced technologies

Eletre has an elegant and exotic look with active aerodynamics and a dramatic porous design. The use of pioneering sustainable materials gives a new level of premium for every journey.

Industry leading battery technology delivers more power at higher efficiencies, unlocking new levels of range and performance. When it’s time to top up, ultra high-speed charging loads 400km (250 miles) of energy in just 20 minutes – with a maximum range of up to 600km (373 miles).


With its porous design, inspired by Lotus DNA, the Eletre doesn’t fight air. It breathes air.The Evija-derived aerodynamics guide air over and through its body for extra downforce and speed and the active aero works to create optimum aerodynamic efficiency.

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